Action Areas

Hydraulic Works

One of the most important branches of our activity is related to the world of dams. The exclusive technologies developed by HCC allow the sealing of cracks regardless of the filtration flow rates or water pressure, without the need of divers.

The ability to seal leaks of hundreds of liters per second, with pressures of more than two hundred meters of water column, has been possible thanks to the formulation of dozens of different polymers and the design of pumps, drilling machinery and consumables by our technicians.

The Repair in Service of dams, without affecting the operation, maintaining the maximum level of water and without the need to use divers, avoids the increase of costs due to the loss of profit due to unloading or stopping the activity.

We have injected more than 1.500 tons of our own formulations of resins, in about 300 dams around the world.

Tunnels and Underground Works

The HCC technology allows the waterproofing and reinforcement of all types of underground works, from large natural caves, to reconnaissance or pressure galleries, to tunnels, or mines, with or without coating, in a very novel way.

First of all, the consolidation of a concentric ring of the rock itself or the concrete lining,is made by injections of resins at very high pressure. In this way the waterproofing and reinforcementof the gallery is achieved, without the need of trusses or expensive coatings.

This technology has allowed the waterproofing and reinforcement of many underground works, among which isthe rehabilitation of the largest natural auditorium in Europe, the volcanic cave of Los Jameos del Agua in Lanzarote. Canary Islands. Spain.

The application of our waterproofing technology to railway, metro or road tunnels, allows us to solve problems that traditional techniques, with polyurethane foams, do not achieve.

Foundations of Wind Turbines

For some time now, important problems of cracking have been detected in the foundations of wind turbines. Although it is a matter subject to a strict degree of confidentiality, it is known that thousands of these foundations are cracked all over the world, giving rise to undesirable and often unacceptable movements of the turbines.

The technology developed by HCC, more than a decade ago, has allowed the repair, to date, of more than 450 foundations, in several countries, with very satisfactory results. The injection, of resins of high viscosity and very high mechanical characteristics developed at early ages, formulated expressly for this application, has allowed to resolve in a definitive way the cracking problems, reduce the movements to the project values ​​and reduce the stoppage time of each turbine, in many cases at 24 hours. The resins are injected at very high pressure.

More than ten years of experience endorse the suitability of the solution independently of the latitude, and therefore of the temperatures, both at the time of repair and in its service phase. Works carried out from the south of Spain to the extreme north of Europe, subjected to exhaustive controls of pedestal and turbine movements, certify the full validity and stability over time of the materials and technologies applied.

Ports and Buildings

In addition to repair technologies based on injections, we have extended our activity to the treatment and surface reinforcement of large concrete surfaces, essentially in the world of industry.

Several of these treatments, surely have been the biggest surface repairs of concrete, by affected surface, such as the natural draft cooling towers of Cofrentes and Trillo nuclear power plants.

We work in all types of industry or ports, taking care of the concrete waterproofing, reinforcing and, therefore, extending the useful life of the facilities.

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