Terms of use


1. Territoriality.

The content of the website hcc-es.com is addressed to all Users who so wish. The use of this website, as well as any acquisition or purchase made in it is considered executed in Spain, and, therefore, subject to the laws and regulations in force in Spain. Access to content or the acquisition of products and / or services through the website may not be legal for certain persons or in certain countries. The User who makes the access will be responsible for compliance with the laws of their jurisdiction.

2. Intellectual property.

The content of the webs of hcc-es.com, such as: data, texts, images, graphics, voice, multimedia material and programs, as well as the design, structure, software and programming thereof, is the exclusive property of Hidráulica, Construcción y Conservación, S.A., and is protected by local regulations and international treaties. All rights reserved. No part of the content can be: reproduced, modified, exhibited, transmitted, distributed. commercialized, or used in any other way, for commercial or public purposes, by any means (electronic or mechanical, or by photocopy, recording or any other information reproduction system), without the prior written authorization of Hidráulica, Construcción y Conservación, S.A. This prohibition includes the copying and adaptation of the HTML code used to generate websites on hcc-es.com

3. Copyright and trademarks.

The denominations "hcc-es.com", the HCC logo and certain other names and logos, are registered or in the process of registering as national trademarks in the Spanish patent and trademark office. In such a way that they will be the exclusive property of Hidráulica, Construcción y Conservación, S.A. As well as all: related products, designs, brands and advertising phrases (slogans), are also owned by Hidráulica, Construcción y Conservación, S.A. Likewise, the graphical interface of the presentation of the web sites (including color combinations, shape of the buttons, design and any other graphic element) are also protected and owned by Hidráulica, Construcción y Conservación, S.A.

4. Objectives and purposes.

The website hcc-es.com aims to: the dissemination and sale of all types of products and services related to aeronautical training; as well as manufacturers and suppliers that collaborate with Hidráulica, Construcción y Conservación, S.A. through the provision of products, content, services and information related to that sector.

5. Use.

The hcc-es.com website can only be used for lawful objects within the context described above. The transmission or illegitimate use, by itself or by third parties, is prohibited by any means, including (but not limited to) automatic means of filing or storing data, contrary to the provisions of Spanish law and local laws. where such transmission, filing or storage is made, including (but not limited to) the insertion or incorporation of obscene, defamatory, insulting, threatening materials or that, in any way, violate privacy rights and / or that are illegal or contrary to good manners.

6. Data Placement.

For the purposes of these Rules and Conditions, "Data" will include any element incorporated into the website by a User and / or requested to a User, including (but not limited to): personal data, photographs and / or all types of information, images, designs, texts and any type of multimedia material; as well as, according to the case, any of these elements that is sent, or made available to Hidráulica, Construcción y Conservación, S.A. via Internet, e-mail, chatting or by any other means, including mail, telefax, telephone or in person.

The Data may not contain:

  • a) URLs or links to other sites. Except in those cases in which there is prior agreement, in writing, with the linked sites.
  • b) Material that infringes any other intellectual property right, or the privacy rights of third parties.
  • c) Any material that is sexually explicit, obscene, libelous, defamatory or libelous.

The Data may not be used to:

  • a) Assume a false identity, whether corresponding to a natural person (living or deceased) or legal entity.
  • b) Place false, inaccurate or misleading information.
  • c) Place chain letters or pyramidal structures.
  • d) Place opinions or notices, commercial or of any other nature.


It is not allowed to send unsolicited commercial e-mail to other Users of hcc-es.com. Likewise, it is strictly forbidden to modify or eliminate any material placed by third parties on the website of hcc-es.com.

8. Security.

It is not allowed to violate or attempt to violate the safety of the hcc-es.com website through (but not limited to):

  • a) Access to Data not provided for the User or access to a server or account to which the User is not authorized to access.
  • b) The attempt or test of the vulnerability of a system or network, or the violation of security or authentication measures.
  • c) The interference of the service to any User, by (but not limited to) the sending of viruses to the website or overloading it through any means.
  • d) The sending of unsolicited email, including promotions and / or advertising of products or services.
  • e) The sending, through the Contact service, or in any other way, of files or materials that contain: viruses, damaged files or any file or material that could affect the normal functioning of hcc-es.com.

9. Data Monitoring.

In order to ensure the proper use of the website, hcc-es.com may monitor data at random, including access data to the website under criteria that meet its own commercial policies. Access to the website is sufficient proof of consent for such purposes. Data that violate the rules of data placement, respect for other users and security (sections 6, 7 and 8 of these Rules and Conditions), may be deleted by Hidráulica, Construcción y Conservación, S.A. at your sole discretion. Likewise, hcc-es.com may deny access to the website to Users who do not respect these rules.

10. Limitation of liability.

Hidráulica, Construcción y Conservación, S.A. he will be responsible for the correct operation of the items supplied directly and will manage with the corresponding supplier if it is indirect products.

11. Suppliers and advertisers.

Even though hcc-es.com makes the greatest efforts to guarantee the seriousness, efficiency and security of the products and services promoted and advertised on its website, it does not provide a guarantee or guarantee with respect to the products or services of its advertisers and suppliers. Accordingly, Hidráulica, Construcción y Conservación, S.A. does not assume any guarantee, obligation or liability of a contractual or extra-contractual nature regarding the quality, compliance, security and / or any other aspect of the products, goods or services provided by third parties that are displayed and / or published on the website, nor about the people who provide them.

12. Independence.

The website hcc-es.com maintains total and absolute independence with respect to its advertisers and suppliers. Any advertising message must be understood as a message financed by third parties, being clearly differentiated and separated from the rest of the contents.

13. Availability.

Hidráulica, Construcción y Conservación, S.A. does not guarantee that your website works permanently as expected and / or without interruptions. Under no circumstances will hcc-es.com or its sponsors be liable for any damages (including, without limitation, consequential damages, lost profits, or damages resulting from loss of data, moral or psychological damage) resulting from the use or access to, or the impossibility to use or access the website hcc-es.com and / or any of its contents.

14. Links and hyperlinks.

The hcc-es.com website contains, or may contain, hyperlinks to third-party related or related websites. These hyperlinks are provided solely as a facility and service to the User of the website and are not sponsored or maintained by Hidráulica, Construcción y Conservación, S.A. and, therefore, no responsibility is assumed for the content and materials displayed on the websites of these hyperlinked third parties

15. Data.

Hidráulica, Construcción y Conservación, S.A. does not assume any type of responsibility for any data placed by a User on the website. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the User assumes sole responsibility for the data that he places on hcc-es.com and for his conduct.

16. Validity.

In no case shall these Rules and Conditions affect the rights of consumers. In the event that any provision of these Rules and Conditions is declared illegal, void or unenforceable by any competent court, the other provisions will not be affected and will remain in effect.