Tunnels and Underground Works

Waterproofing and reinforcement of tunnels and all types of underground works

The HCC technology allows the waterproofing and reinforcement of all types of underground works, from large natural caves, to reconnaissance or pressure galleries, to tunnels, or mines, with or without coating, in a very novel way.

First of all, the consolidation of a concentric ring of the rock itself or the concrete lining,is made by injections of resins at very high pressure. In this way the waterproofing and reinforcementof the gallery is achieved, without the need of trusses or expensive coatings.

This technology has allowed the waterproofing and reinforcement of many underground works, among which is the rehabilitation of the largest natural auditorium in Europe, the volcanic cave of Los Jameos del Agua in Lanzarote. Canary Islands. Spain.

The application of our waterproofing technology to railway, metro or road tunnels, allows us to solve problems that traditional techniques, with polyurethane foams, do not achieve.